Getting to know Financial Online Markets and how to trade

Getting to know Financial Online Markets and how to trade

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This webinar starts at 19:30 to 21:30 (Iran Time) 12 June

Why are people (especially Iranians), turning to the Stock Markets these days? Do they really
know what the risks of these markets are?
In the current economy (post-Coronavirus), the most important question and challenge is how
to preserve existing capital and even new mechanisms to increase it.
To get acquainted with:
1) Stock market threats and opportunities
2) Risk and Capital management mechanisms
3) How to do News and Price Analysis
4) Understanding Financial Markets
We planned to hold a webinar for everyone to see how the logical approach of entering the
market (buying and selling), can replace the emotional behavior of society.
Meeting time: 70 minutes
Q&A: 20 minutes
Total time: 90 minutes.
About the teacher:
Nima Zand, has been familiar with Financial Markets and CFD contracts since 2004, and has
also been into trading in a variety of online methods to approach financial markets.
He was also trained Economics, Financial Engineering, and Accounting by working within
various companies and financial firms.
Nima became acquainted with the Iranian stock market in 2008 and experienced the methods
of fundamental analysis in the Iranian stock market.
Expertise in:
Financial Market Analyst
International market trader
Stock portfolio management in the Iranian market

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